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…the internet is your last
resource, my sisters and brothers,

the internet is the only medium,

through which a single citizen
can address the nation,

uncensored and unrestricted by
interests of the minority…

…but the minority is at work
at this very moment,

with intent to own, control,
regulate and censor,

this last medium of
free speech in America,

if you feel inspired by
what you read here,

you might want
to spread this message,

before they shut it down,

and permission is expressly
granted here,

to copy, distribute and disseminate
this content, free of charge,

via independent and alternate

…and there are those,

who have little access
to computers and the internet,

the homeless,

those who live in poverty,

and even those at the
lower levels of labor class,

they need to know the truth as
much as you do,

so permission is expressly
granted here,

to copy, print and distribute this
document, in paper form,

to those who cannot access
it otherwise…

…and finally,

this author not only will
grant permission,

but will expressly encourage
the free translation of this document,

in paper or website form,

into Spanish,



or any other language…

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