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final warning

…to john Boehner,

and all his cronies and conspirators
in the republican party

I say this:

you might want to be very careful,

about what you say
to the American people,

from now on,

you might want to
stop and think it all through,

before you keep opening
your mouths,

and selling your souls,

you might want to
abdicate your thrones,

you might want to relinquish your
positions of power and responsibility,

you might want to give it all up
and run for the hills,

or you just might want to confess
your sins and beg for forgiveness,

you might want to repent…

and repent…

and repent…

and repent…

before the nation and the world,

because the devil is on your doorstep,
the revolution is upon you,

and judgment day is coming…

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