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adult conversation…



…this author would prefer to
be very clear and explicit,

as to the nature of this document,

this author would prefer to set the tone,

the temper and demeanor of this
conversation,upon initiation,

this author would prefer
to be very clear and explicit,

in regard to goal, intent and intention,

and the author would prefer
to designate and to define the audience,

for whom this document, and the
message contained within,

are intended…

…it should be clear that the subject
and content of this document,

will be political in nature,

and while portions of this document
may appear to be,

a form of treatise, dissertation or thesis
on American culture, society and politics,

and portions of this document might
appear to be just another contribution,

to the great pool of comment,
commentary, viewpoint or opinion,

in the ongoing,

cultural, political and economic
battle in the United States of America,

the heart and soul of this document
might very well be described,

as a call to arms,

an outline of political strategy,

a spark to the fire of insurrection,

a prescription for revolution,

or even an intent to produce,
provoke or incite,

cultural and political warfare
in the United States of America…


…there may be those come to
regard this document,

to be a substantial work of journalism,

a searing and exhaustive exposure,
of government collusion and conspiracy,

or a revelation of political/economic
enlightenment, information and education,

and there be those who will feel
inspired to carry this message forward…

…but here will be those who will condemn
the contents of his document,

as vicious and vile attack and assault upon,

the most sacred of American cultural
values and principles,

there will be those
who will react to this document,

as a direct insult, challenge,
warning or threat,

to the very comfort, security and
sanctity of American life,

there will be those,

who would choose to
turn away, to avoid and to evade,

the contents, the information and
the evidence to be presented here,

there will be those who will
withdraw and retreat from these pages,

in plain fear of what is written here,

there will be those who condemn this author,

as madman, menace, terrorist or traitor,

those who will act with desperate intention,

to censure, prohibit or abolish
the publication of this document,

to eliminate this author,

to end this conversation,

and to prevent this information,
from reaching out to you,

but the response to this document,

will be separated clearly and succinctly,

between progressive and conservative
factions in America,

as the position and angle of
approach to this conversation,

will be coming deep and far,

aggressively, viciously and ferociously,
from the Left,

and so it should be known,

that the content and the conversation
to be presented here,

is most specifically and directly

to appeal to the intellectual courage,
integrity, maturity and honesty,

of a more progressive audience…

…and finally this author would prefer
to initiate this conversation,

with the fullest and
most complete expression,

of spite, angst, hostility, enmity,
malignity and animosity,

that impels, inspires and motivates
the conversation itself,

and this author would also prefer
to reach beyond,

the defiantly,

unthinking and anti-intellectual
population of conservative America,

and to present this document
as overt, open, direct and personal,

provocation, caution, warning,
challenge and threat,

specifically issued,

to the most elite, almighty
and powerful,

of conservative/republican
political, cultural and economic,

government, “leadership” and authority,
in the United States of America…
…I’m going to bring you down.

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adult conversation…