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fair warning…


…a bottle of pills bears warning of
possible side effects,

a cereal box bears warning

of sugar content, fat, cholesterol
and allergic reaction,

and even a child’s toy bears warning,

of choking, strangulation or other
possible injury,

and I do suppose,

that a bit of warning is only fair,

before you should venture further,
into the pages of ourevolt…

…and the first and very least of
simple advisory is,

that the content of this document
is not intended for little children,

and there will be no effort made
to protect, defend or sustain,

any childhood illusions, delusions,
fantasies or fairytales,

nor the naiveté or innocence
of youth,

whether that youth,

be chronological, psychological,
emotional or intellectual in nature,

and some of the content here
may be expressed,

to the fullest extent of the
American/English vocabulary,

so children and juveniles,

and parents thereof,

and those who are offended
by the common vernacular,

should consider yourselves warned…
…it should also be understood,

that this author intends to address,
issues of national and global concern,

but the demeanor, the approach,
and the range of contents,

to be presented within
this document,

will not be subject,

to the tight confines, limits,
borders and boundaries,

of debate, discourse, conversation,
“news,” information and education,

generally brought to you by the great
American media,

and unlike Fox, CNN or MSNBC,

the primary concern here is not
about profit, ratings or advertisers,

and the message to be delivered here,

will not be softened, tempered, censured,
moderated or modified,

to insure the broadest possible audience,

to mollify the political “middle,”

to suit general opinion in America,

to satisfy or justify the demands
of cultural pride and vanity,

nor to placate the great American ego,

and so those who are not prepared to

a thorough, relentless
and unflinching examination,

of vices, faults and failures,

inherent within American
society and culture,

are not the audience for whom
this conversation is intended…
…it should also be understood
that the subjects to be addressed here,

will be addressed, as if millions of
lives hang in the balance,

which they do,

and so the pervading, restrictions,
limitations and inhibitions,

of manners, etiquette and decorum,

that temper and restrain the
political/economic conversation,

engaged by political parties and
media in the United States of America,

will be thoroughly ignored,

and all sympathy, concern or respect,

for the individual dignity, career,
position, self esteem or reputation,

of any, and all,

politicians, pundits, political celebrities,
non-political celebrities, media figures,

and even individual private citizens,

actively involved in the great
American political/economic debate,

will be tossed completely, entirely
and absolutely out the window,

and there will be no inhibitions or

of diplomacy, discretion,
sympathy or consideration,

that will protect or defend,

any party or person of any
reputation, position or stature,

on either the Right or the Left,

from critical examination,

of intelligence, honesty, maturity,
motivation, patriotism, virtue, loyalty,

psychology, character or integrity,

and there will be no
inhibitions or limitations,

of diplomacy, discretion,
sympathy or consideration,

that will limit, suppress or inhibit,

the range, the intensity, the depth, the
extent, the rigor and the severity,

of those examinations,

and so those of queasy
and squeamish disposition,

those who may be,

intolerant or uncomfortable
with the possible and impending,

sight of blood,

that may be drawn in pursuit of
a greater global and national interest,

should be well advised…
…and it should also be very well

that while, there will be no mercy,

of sympathy, diplomacy or discretion

to any, individual figures,

active in the great political debate in

there will also be no attempt
to maintain or sustain,

any pretense of political “neutrality”
within this conversation,

there will be no moderation of
centrist “civility” here,

there will be no,

gentility, temperance or restraint
practiced in address,

to the clash, confrontation and conflict,

of conservative versus progressive
viewpoint and opinion,

this means,

that the information, the education,
the argument, the debate,

and the message,

to be delivered within the
pages of ourevolt,

will not suffer from even the
very slightest or least hesitation,

to offend, attack or insult,

the cultural, ideological or
political sensibilities,

of any cultural/political faction
or division,

but most specifically, particularly
and much more to the point,

it should be known that
this author will not hesitate,

to offend, attack, insult, humiliate,
humble, shame, embarrass,

dishonor, discredit or disrespect,

the feelings, beliefs, viewpoints
and opinions,

the pride, vanity and self-esteem,

nor, any other sensitivities and

of conservative Americans…

…but even the more progressive
audience should understand,

that the message to be delivered here,

is all about truth,

and truth is not always simple,

truth is not always clear,

truth is not always easy,

truth is not always comfortable,

truth is not always what we
want it to be,

and even the more progressive
reader should be well advised,

that the message to be delivered here,

will not be,

softened, censored, limited, abridged,
moderated or compromised,

to remain within the parameters
of what anyone,

does or doesn’t want to hear,

the author makes no promise of
a comfortable or easy read,

for anyone,

the truth is the truth,

the message is the message,

and that’s what it will be…

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